Due to the current nighttime temperatures in the forecast and the need to complete the pavement at Taxiway A2 there will need to be two daytime closures of RWY 18L-36R and a portion of Taxiway Alpha. The first closure will begin at 10 am on Monday, January 31st and end at 3 pm that afternoon. The next closure will begin at 7 am on Tuesday, February 1st and reopen at 6:30 am on Wednesday February 2nd. These closures will include portions Runway 18L-36R and a portion of Taxiway Alpha (Please check NOTAMS for exact locations). Runway 18R-36L will continue to remain open throughout the project with a taxi route available for access.

Please continue to check NOTAMs for updated closure information related to this project.

Thank you,

Airport Staff

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