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Proposed Rule Change

Updated: Sep 23, 2021


December 10, 2020

Section 5-11. Fuel storage tanks.

Subject to the other requirements of these regulations, a person may possess fuel within a fuel storage tank constructed, operated and maintained in all respects as required by federal, state, county, and local law.

(a) Fuel so stored may be dispensed into any aircraft if operated and maintained by a fixed base operator in accordance with the Airport Minimum Operating Standards.

(b) Fuel so stored in any other fuel storage tank for the purposes of self-fueling must meet the following:

a. Be issued and maintain a valid Self-Fueling Permit issued by the Airport Manager.

b. Be an above-ground skid or permanently installed tank on the leasehold premises. Operator must meet all applicable federal, state, and local fire, environmental, and building codes.

c. Fueling reports shall be provided monthly by the 15th calendar day of the subsequent month and shall include:

i. A summary report to the Airport identifying the number of gallons of aviation fuel delivered to the operator; and

ii. Bill of ladings, as received from the fuel supplier for fuel delivered, in support of the summary report; and

iii. Pay the appropriate fee due to the Airport as stipulated in the Airport Rates and Fees Schedule.

1. If fuel is delivered by a Fixed Base Operator, operator must submit the difference between the Fixed Base Operator and Private Aviation Fuel Delivery Fee.

2. If fuel is delivered from other than the Fixed Base Operator, operator must submit the Private Aviation Fuel Delivery Fee.

d. Meet the fueling safety, training, and insurance requirements for commercial operators indicated in the Airport Minimum Operating Standards.

e. Operator must provide a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and Spill Prevention Containment Control (SPCC) program at the operators sole cost. Said plan and program must be reviewed and approved by the City prior to fueling activities

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