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The presence of a high-quality network of publicly accessible airports supporting general aviation activities in Texas has never been more important to the state's economy. Business and flight support activities at these airports generate billions of dollars in economic activity, create jobs, and improve business operating efficiencies that help Texas to recruit and retain some of the nation's best companies.

Texas Aviation Economic Impact Study Log

In 2018, TxDOT undertook a study of the impact and relationship of airports in Texas with the statewide economy. We found that Texas General Aviation Airports provide more than 48,000 jobs, with $2.5 billion in payroll and $9.3 billion in total economic output.

Impact Types

Direct Impacts account for activities by on-airport businesses and government agencies, and the off-airport visitor spending at locations such as hotels and restaurants. Direct impacts account for the initial point where money first starts circulating in the economy.

Multiplier Impacts result from the recirculation of direct impacts within the boundaries of the economy analyzed. This re-spending of money can occur multiple times and takes two forms – indirect and induced. Indirect impacts occur when companies incur business expenses. Induced impacts occur when employees purchase goods and services.

Total Economic Impacts are the combination of all direct and multiplier impacts.

Impact Measures

Employment measures the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs related to airport activity including visitor-supported and on-airport construction jobs.  A part-time employee counts as half of a full-time employee.

Payroll measures the total annual salary, wages, and benefits paid to all workers whose livelihoods are directly attributable to airport activity.

Output measures the value of goods and services related to airports in Texas. The output of on-airport businesses is typically assumed to be the sum of annual gross sales and average annual capital expenditures.



Denton Enterprise Airport is home to numerous on-airport businesses which offer services such as FBO amenities, flight instruction, avionics, and aircraft maintenance. The most frequent general aviation operations at Denton Enterprise include flight instruction, recreational flying, aircraft charter, air cargo, and flights bringing visitors to the region. The economic impact for Denton Enterprise Airport makes it one of the top 10 economic generators of the 264 general aviation airports in the State of Texas.

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