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Denton Enterprise Airport (DTO or the Airport) is a general aviation airport owned and operated by the City of Denton, Texas. DTO is one of 11 reliever airports in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and one of 24 reliever airports located in Texas.

The Airport undertook an Airport Master Plan Update to evaluate the aviation needs based on aviation and socioeconomic trends as of 2012, as well as updated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards. It is important to note that due to funding and approval processes, the Master Plan analysis concluded in 2014, with production of the final documentation in 2015. Prior to the current study, the Airport Master Plan was previously completed in 2003. Many of the recommended components of that plan have been completed, including land acquisition, a runway extension, taxiway improvements, and a new terminal building.

This document describes the analyses and assessments conducted during the Airport Master Plan process and provides the results of those efforts. The Airport Master Plan’s analysis and findings span approximately a 20-year period, however, certain aspects of the recommended plan took into consideration expansion beyond the final planning horizon. This planning process involved airport stakeholders and user engagement from a wide array of sources in order to develop a plan that not only suits the Airport’s facility needs but also the needs of its users, the community, and the region. The intent is to maintain a flexible framework, to allow for contingencies which are increasingly a part of airport development, and to ensure the program is not rigid and can be modified to respond to circumstances that cannot be reasonably predicted at this time.

The Master Plan elements were conducted in accordance with FAA guidelines established in Advisory Circulars 150/5070-6B, Airport Master Plans, and 150/5300-13A, Change 1, Airport Design. The plan also reflects the requirements of the Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division (TxDOT Aviation). Specific elements included in this master plan are as follows:

  • Inventory

  • Activity forecasts

  • Demand/capacity analysis and facility requirements

  • Alternatives development

  • Implementation plan

  • Financial plan

  • Environmental overview

  • Airport layout plan drawing set

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