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The Denton Enterprise Airport “Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF)” services are provided by the City of Denton Fire Department. The Fire Department has a team that specializes in aircraft crash fire suppression, passenger rescue, and the ARFF team responds with EMS Paramedic first responders for the airport.

ARFF Truck.jpg

All ARFF personnel are certified as Structural Firefighters, Aircraft Rescue Firefighters and EMT’s by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. This initial training includes topics required by the Denton Fire Department and the U. S. Federal Aviation Administration to include:   

  • Airport and aircraft familiarization.

  • Aircraft cargo hazards.

  • Emergency aircraft evacuation assistance.

  • Application of different extinguishing agents.

  • Adapting structural rescue and firefighting equipment to aircraft incidents. Rescue and firefighting personnel safety.


The ARFF Team also provides a number of additional services to the airport community in addition to responding to aircraft emergencies, including:

  • Quarterly inspections of all fuel storage facilities and fueling vehicles.

  • Annual training for all fuel-handlers.

  • Responding to all medical emergencies on airport property.

  • Acting as first responders to all structural emergencies on airport property.


The ARFF vehicles are equipped with different extinguishing agents such as: Aqueous Film Forming Foam, Halotron, and Purple K Dry chemical. These different agents allow ARFF personnel to respond to various types of aircraft and fuel fires to establish a safe escape path for passengers, crew members, or airport staff. Denton Enterprise Airport can provide FAA ARFF Index “A” upon request.

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