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The Denton Enterprise Airport maintains a hangar waiting list for aircraft owners wishing to lease one of the City’s Quebec T-Hangar units. Details about the process and T-Hangar sizes can be found in the Denton Enterprise Airport Hangar Waiting List Policy.

or if they are offered the hangar and then withdraw from consideration.

Additionally, there are several other Denton Enterprise Airport T-Hangar operators that lease T-Hangar units. Contact information for these other operators can be found on the Businesses and Services page.

DTO Quebec Hangers Map

This list is derived from the submittal of the online application form. The applicants’ names will be listed by date in chronological order in which they are received. When a T-Hangar becomes available, the person on the top of that list will be contacted and offered that unit. The person will have three business days to accept the unit for lease. The person will be removed from the waiting list if they fail to respond within the allotted three business days,

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